Mentorship / Certifications / Reviews

What kind of qualities or personal characteristics you think is important for a person who would like to become an L1 judge?

A part of an L1 process is also a brief interview with a candidate. What is the purpose of it?

What kind of topics do you think need to be covered there?

What documents would you recommend to a candidate before sitting the exam?

Have you found anything very useful when you were studying for L1?

Try to remember back to when you were going for L1. Did anyone mentor you? What did they do to help you? How would you do things differently? Do you know anyone in your local community that is not a judge but you think he or she would be a great one? What qualities do you like about him that would make him a good judge? Have you asked him or her to become one? If he or she likes it, how would you think you could help him or her to study and gain experience?

If you are already a mentor to someone, please describe your experience. Do you think your candidate is ready to test and if not what do you think he has to work on? In this session we will also delve into reviews/feedback. Writing a review is one of the pre-test requirements, which tests that you are able to not only concentrate on yourself, but also, on top of taking care of tournament, able to observe others and give them advice on how to improve themselves. This requirement also tests that you are familiar with using Judge Center and know how to access “Reviews” tab there.

I will list some of the interesting articles, which I recommend you read to learn more about writing reviews:

Reviewing up – Why is it so hard?
Habits of Highly Effective Reviewers
Writing a Review
The Feedback Process

Your job is to find a judge (or judge candidate), that you would like to write a review about. The best way to do it is to arrange judging together at an FNM or any other Regular tournament (like Magic Origins Prerelease). If you are working on a PPTQ or GPT in a short time, you will find plenty of opportunities there. You can even review a judge if you are not on staff at all, you could be just playing on the event. If this is not a possibility for you, a good idea is to write a review about your mentor in this project. You have had a decent amount of contact with them. What do you think they did well? What could they improve if they ever get a new candidate? When you finish your review, send an e-mail to your mentors with Review ID for verification.