Community / Reports

The main difference between L1 and L2 is the scope of influence. You are expected to be active in a larger area, meaning that you will probably need to travel to several stores to judge, not only your local one. We are also expected to show the same willingness of expansion in our Judge Social Media (JudgeApps for example). In this section of your training, you must find at least two projects in JudgeApps that you are interested in, and apply to participate in them.

Write a short paragraph on why you are interested in these particular projects and what you believe you can contribute to them. Also, after you judge at another store, write a tournament report of the event that you judged, with a slight twist: Describe the main differences from your local store that you observed in the T.O., local players, and anything else that drew your attention. A helpful article on how to write Tournament Reports follows.

Tournament Reports as Tournament Essays

Lastly, we need you to find two tournament reports, one that you like and one that you don’t, and tell us the reasons why. You can find additional information about tournament reports here: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/reports/