Information page

Info for mentors

Thank you for helping us train your candidate to become an awesome L2.

In our regional L2 project we are giving you some framework to train your candidate. Our goal at the end of this program is that your candidate has checklist completed and that he has enough knowledge to pass written test and interview.

If your candidate hasn’t read it yet, send him/her to L2 candidate FAQ at our regional blog. We suggest your candidate reads all necessary documents (IPG, MTR, CR), practice with exams on Judge Center (should consistently reach 80%) and complete the exercises we are providing (should be verified from your side after completion).

We suggest talking to your candidate weekly to check what he/has been doing and to give an occasional nudge if they haven’t done anything for some time. Make sure you establish what channel you want to use for your communication. For exercises you can either do them completely via email, or you can talk about them via instant messaging/live. For Judge center test we suggest video conferencing to go over bunch of test and talk about questions candidate got wrong or had extra inquiries.

When training is completed, you will simply need to contact one of L2 project members or RC that candidate is ready and we will find an appropriate venue to have him/her tested.